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Considering my services? Here's what some of my satisfied customers had to say about me:

"I met Rio when he came to write a SLUGMag article about our distillery. We hit it off immediately. I could tell Rio just got it. Not only is he exceptionally friendly and easy going, but also passionate about brewing and the creative pursuits related to it. He has a deep understanding of the operational, scientific and artistic aspects of alcoholic beverages. 

At Clear Water, we were in need of some operational guidance for the remainder of our facility build-out as well as some of our processes scaling up to commercial level distilling. It was clear that we could benefit from Rio’s expertise and we absolutely did. Rio was able to come in and take broad direction, critically think about what was needed to get the job done. He leveraged his network of industry contacts and experience to set us up for our opening success. I highly recommend Rio for anyone needing help in the commercial production of adult beverages."

-Matt Eau Clair, Owner/Head Distiller, Clear Water Distilling Co.

"Caputo’s has been fortunate to consider Rio as part of our education family. Our in-house tasting classes are more diverse and rich because of Rio’s expertise in craft brewing. We have had the opportunity to develop a tasting series focused on beer and food pairings and education that now match the depth of our specialty food focused classes along, our wine series, and our spirits series.

Rio is both personable and knowledgeable in a way that is inviting and authoritative without seeming arrogant or intimidating. Expertise in both specialty food and craft beverages can be riddled with condescension and superiority; Rio is the opposite. His passion for craft brewing is palpable and enticing to us and to our guests. We’re inspired by his wealth and breadth of knowledge and look forward to many more evenings of food and drink with Rio joining us at the helm of our education program and leading our beer classes to new heights."

-Adri Pachelli, Director of Education, Caputo's Markets


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