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Here are a few selections of me appearing in various media forms, as well as some samples of the writing I've done for various outlets. Enjoy!

       An appearance I did on an excellent beer podcast, check out the rest of Jeremy's work too!

       A fun article I wrote about local restaurants for Visit Salt Lake

       A tasty article I wrote about a Somalian restaurant

       A really fun article I wrote about the Hell's Backbone Grill, an amazing farm-to-table restaurant in central Utah and a multiple James Beard Award Nominee

       A nice article I wrote about Acacia Coast, the guild liaison for the Brewer's Association

        An exciting article I wrote about Utah County's first distillery since before Prohibition


       Here's a selection of the many diverse beer articles I've written for SLUG Magazine's annual beer issue

       You can check out my entire SLUG Magazine catalog here:

       If you'd like to connect on social media, find me on Instagram at @riolikesbeer or click the link below

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