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I've been a professional brewer since 2010 and during that time I've helped open several profitable working breweries, including handling the majority of design for the Proper Brewing locations. I've won numerous awards for my beers and built successful brewing programs from the ground up. I've continued to expand my knowledge base and earn new skills and now you can harness my decade of experience to make your dream a reality.


I offer full service technical assistance, design decisions, equipment specification, recipe development, staff training and more. My experience goes beyond beer and includes other fermented and distilled beverages, plus packaging and process design which can apply to a host of non-alcoholic products. I can be your advisor from day one or step in at crucial moments to help ensure your success. I prioritize local business but am willing to travel as well.

My goal is to get your operation up and running and make you money as quickly as possible.

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